16 Nov 2022

Save trees by sending more mail?

Whether it’s catching some shade on a hot summer day, skiing through glades in winter or just watching the kids play on a tire swing or go for a climb, trees have treated us well over the years.

We thought we’d return the favor.

What are we talking about?

This isn’t exactly breaking news but land investing uses a ton of paper.

It takes the average investor a few months to send out 10,000 mailers.

An entire tree is roughly 10,000 sheets of paper

In other words, each of us will use about 2-4 trees a year.

Multiple that by the amount of land and real estate investors sending mail (the National Association of Realtors has 1.5 million members for example) and, yea, it’s a lot of trees.

Now we’re not asking you to send less or change your workflow. Shoot, we won’t be sending less, that’d be a killer for business.

What we are committing to is joining the #TeamTrees mission of planting 20 million trees and donating 5 trees for every 10,000 mailers (equal to 1 tree) sent via Pebble.

5 trees for every 1 – that’s not a bad deal!

No action required on your part other than to keep growing your business. 😊

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