Why Go With Pebble vs Investment Dominator?

At a glance here's how we differ from Investment Dominator:
 Investment DominatorLandspeedLG Pass
Setup FeeNo Setup$1999$727*$260 per month (Lob)
Print & Mailing
Zapier App
Document Editor
Team & VA Management
Address Verification

So what's the difference between Pebble and Investment Dominator?

Sure there are features and product items that’s different between the two companies (which you see above)…
but the biggest difference is our focus towards Land Investing.

Jack Bosch and his founding team at Investment Dominator built it as a complete end-to-end deal flow and CRM system for both houses and vacant land investing.

While the founding team at Pebble has built an app from the ground up with one thing in mind only – Land Investing.

Long story short: Though they are both types of real estate investing, house and land investing are two completely different investing models with their own sets of strategies, automations and rules.

So if you’re a land investor, looking for a simple and streamlined system to automate and track your investing, then you’re in the right place.

Importing your Investment Dominator data.

It’s easy to migrate in your property information from Investment Dominator. Not only that, we’re to help if you need anything. Watch to see how we import an example data export from Investment Dominator here:

The Top 5 Reasons Why Investors Use Pebble vs Investment Dominator

Reason #1

Pebble is Built only for Land

We built Pebble with only one intention, Land Investing.

This means every feature has been built from the ground up to streamline the process of flipping vacant land. Investment Dominator, however, was built for Jack Bosch’s system and approach to both land and house investing. But, if you’re looking for land specific tools intended to streamline your investing processes like our Mapping Tool to Bulk Neighbor Letter Tool to our Documents Generator, you need Pebble.

Reason #2

Zero Setup Cost

Pebble is ready to go the moment you get access. Asides from your name, email, and password, zero time and cost is needed to get an account opened, and with intuitive setting controls, you can adjust your own details and integrations at anytime. Get access to Pebble today with no setup fees and 14 day free access. Once you’re in, start your investing process by upload your mailing list and create your mailers all inside of Pebble. Get access to Pebble now.

Reason #3

Easy Team Access and Communication

Pebble is built to have your team to help you run and operate your land investing business. With our built in activities log per property to the ability to tag, message/assign tasks, and notify to your VA’s or team members, no conversation ever gets lost or missed.

So if your team helps you perform due diligence, record lead information, to listing your properties, give them access today and build out your entire team’s process quickly and easily inside of Pebble.

Reason #4

Pebble Grows With Your Business

With land investing, there is more than one way to approach the entire process. We know that all land investors continue to evolve and improve their own flow, and Pebble is built to work with your business as it continues to grow.

Investment Dominator, however, is formulated to be used specifically with Jack Bosch’s “Land Profit Generator” method to land investing.

But, even though you may be under Jack Bosch’s system, or any other methods including REtipster’s, Land Academy’s, Landgeek’s, Land Flipping Formula’s, etc. your business strategies and processes will continue to evolve and Pebble will be right there to adapt.

Reason #5

Printing and Mailing All Taken Care Of

Investment Dominator gives you the ability to work with any print and mailing service you want. While Pebble takes care of all your printing and mailing needs and it means no minimums, you get negotiated bulk rates, address verification, and daily mail drip. Start sending your mail directly through Pebble today and not to have to worry working with another service only to get you print and mailing out.

Learn exactly how Pebble can help you grow your land business.

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