Why Go With Pebble vs Investment Dominator?

We love that you’re weighing your options, in fact, we encourage you to because it’s that sort of due diligence and attention to detail that creates the most successful investors. Being here to compare Pebble vs Investment Dominator means you already have the future of your land investing business in mind. Before we get into the details though, we want to give some praise to the product that the Investment Dominator team has created, it’s genuinely a solid CRM that meaningfully helps land investors that specifically follow the Land Profit Generator (Jack Bosch’s) way of land flipping.
Investment DominatorLandspeedLG Pass
Setup FeeNo Setup$1999$727*$260 per month (Lob)
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How are Pebble and Investment Dominator different?

To be honest, we have a lot of functional similarities – all of the best platforms in this space will (we hope they would anyway!) – but rest assured we’ll break down the differences in detail below.

What really separates us is specialization; Pebble is purpose-built and optimized for land investing while Jack Bosch and the team at Investment Dominator built a CRM system for both raw land investing and houses strictly under the LPG methodology.

In fact, the Investor Dominator CRM is ideal for students taking the Land Profit Generator course or using coaching services. If you’ve learned their system, the CRM aligns nicely with the specific land and home investing strategies they teach and gives a good sense of how mailing works.

Pebble, on the other hand, is full of customizations exclusively created for your workflow as a dedicated land investor (even if you’re following Jack’s specific guidelines!). So if you’re looking for a simple and streamlined system to design, automate and track your land investing – and try different strategies, then you’re in the right place.

The features differ here and there but at the core, that’s the big difference.

Easily Import your Investment Dominator data

Feeling good about Pebble? Great! It’s easy to import your property data and past mailings into Pebble.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Investors Use Pebble vs Investment Dominator

Reason #1

Flexibility to optimize your land strategy

Just like there’s more than one way to bake a cake, different land acquisition strategies work better for certain people and situations. More importantly, the tools you use should be flexible enough to both grow with you and be capable of responding to changing market trends.

Investment Dominator was designed to be used specifically with Jack Bosch’s “Land Profit Generator” method of land investing. Typically a letter of intent, followed up by a straight offer. That may be great for today but who knows what tomorrow will bring? What if your letter of intent starts getting fewer responses and you want to try a ranged offer approach?

A platform that’s married to a particular method is going to be inherently less agile.

As a founder, the choice should be yours to test, experiment and go with what works best.

Pebble is flexible, letting you apply the best strategy for each land investment; today, tomorrow and beyond.

Reason #2

Fully Customizable Templates and easy-to-locate docs

Creating docs isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. We get it. Investment Dominator gets it. They do a great job of offering quite a few premade and set  templates. With Pebble you happen to get even more templates – which are also fully editable – to accommodate any land strategy and scenario.

In addition to building out your custom document library, you can keep things meticulously organized by attaching documents to individual properties. Need to find a doc from 10 deals ago? Use our handy search function to pull up any property and all associated files.

Oh, and documents also live in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.

Reason #3

Pebble is made for land investors only

Pebble was built with one intention: simplifying the land investing process so that you can optimize your workflow and grow your business. That means every feature has been thought of through the experience of a land investor and then created from the ground up solely to streamline your ability to flip vacant land.

Investment Dominator, as mentioned, is for all types of real estate investment. Is it better than a more generic CRM? Sure. But a platform built for land, home and owner-financed deals requires its tools to be a bit more generic and blunt so they work across the board.

Specialization means purpose-built.

If you’re looking for land-specific tools intended to improve your investing processes, like; streamlining research and marketing with our Mapping Tool, centralizing communication and lead follow-ups or the ability to group duplicate owners in your mailing efforts, you need Pebble.

Reason #4

Printing and mailing made easy

Investment Dominator gives you the ability to work with any print and mailing service you want, which is great if you’re a bulk mail expert. Most of us aren’t though and don’t need or want the headache of shopping for yet another service.


At Pebble we’ve done the research, having worked with many print and mail services in the past, and integrated one quality-controlled facility into our solution. That means no additional onboarding, no mail minimums, pre-negotiated bulk rates, address verification and an easy-to-set-up daily mail drip.


Start sending your mail directly through Pebble today and don’t worry about finding a separate print and mail house…and their added costs.

Reason #5

Scale with confidence, don't get pushed for growth

If your goal is growth (and if you’re here, we know it is!), the only way to do it is by leveraging tech and bringing on people because you can only do so much as a solopreneur.

Pebble grows with you, allowing you to add users when ready (an unlimited amount with our Pro plan). Plus, with built-in, on-platform communication you can strategize with your team, perform due diligence, tag team members & create task lists automatically for consistent progress as well as auto-assign property leads for follow-up.

You can properly manage your team, no matter the size, without micromanaging so you’re able to stay focused on the big picture.


Still not convinced?

No problem, let’s jump on a call and we’ll walk you through everything so you can see for yourself how Pebble can simplify (and optimize) your land business.