Land investing is messy. Get organized and grow your land business with one platform.

Use Pebble to manage property data & generate predictable leads by streamlining workflow. Automate mailing, manage property data and build your marketing campaigns all in one place.

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Build a sustainable land business by working smarter

Manage Data

Good data = better decisions

The right moves become clearer when you can centralize, visualize and manage all property and lead data in one place. Easily update and track all your properties, buyers, and sellers.

Shape Processes

Save time by streamlining

From mailing and document generation to marketing and lead tracking – simplify all your processes with Pebble. Spend more time on what you do best – growing your land business.

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Automate Mailing

Generate more leads, consistently

The key to stress-free scaling is predictable lead flow. Pebble cuts the time you spend on mailers and offers down to minutes and ensures they go out daily – creating consistency in your pipeline.

Track Leads

Follow the money and turn leads into closed deals

Leave no opportunity behind. Set up your pipeline in Pebble and track leads by quickly dragging & dropping as they go through your sales process.

Pebble Podcast with Jessey Kwong

Discover how simple digital marketing strategies, real-world-tested techniques and tools can be a game-changer for your land investing business. Learn how to avoid pitfalls while minimizing downside risk on the way to fast-tracking your growth.

Scaling Your Land Business: The Power of Repeatable Systems

Podcast Episode #86

18 May 2023

Scaling Your Land Business: The Power of Repeatable Systems

Getting processes out of your head and documented ultimately helps you get them out of your hands too, allowing you to delegate so you can focus on the highest value tasks.

The Road to Growth: Why Embracing the Unknown is Key

Podcast Episode #85

04 May 2023

The Road to Growth: Why Embracing the Unknown is Key

Embracing the unknown is critical for moving your business forward and it’s exactly what transformed Johnny Forgione into the land investor he is today.

A Recession-Proof Land Investing Strategy?

Podcast Episode #84

20 Apr 2023

A Recession-Proof Land Investing Strategy?

Do not miss this episode. After making nearly $1 million on land in the last 12 months, Ray Zhang is giving away his secrets – including his recession-proof strategy.

Lean on the Land Investing Community to Grow Your Business?

Podcast Episode #83

06 Apr 2023

Lean on the Land Investing Community to Grow Your Business?

From flipping houses to flipping land and then building his team, Jesse Marchand takes us through the pivots that have brought him success and how the land investing community helped him get there.

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