Why Go With Pebble vs Landspeed?

At a glance here's how we differ from Landspeed:

Pebble Landspeed


$179 per month

$227 per month

Setup Fee

No Setup


Daily Drip Mail

Zapier App

Document Editor

Address Verification

So what's the difference between Pebble and Landspeed?

Sure there are features and product items that’s different between the two companies (which you see above)…

but the biggest difference is our system’s foundation.

The founding team at Landspeed built it as a customization over an existing software called Podio, a web-based platform intended for organizing team communication, business processes, data and content fit for a wide range of industries and projects. 

While the founding team at Pebble has built an app from the ground up with one thing in mind only – Land Investing.

Long story short: This means a smoother experience, less moving parts, easy and direct integrations, and some really cool features that we’ve got planned. 

So if you’re looking to get started on your own, and streamline all of your data directly into one system, then you’re in the right place. We created Pebble to keep land investing simple.

Import your Landspeed Data for free today.

When you feel Pebble is a good fit, the Landspeed import tool lets you import your entire list of properties, property data, and leads. It’s automated, free, and we're to help if you need anything.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Investors Use Pebble vs Landspeed

Reason #1

Pebble is Built for Land

We built Pebble for only one intention, streamlining Land Investing.
This means every feature has been built from the ground up to streamline the process of flipping vacant land. Landspeed, however, is actually a comprehensive customization on top of Podio, and that's what Podio is for, forming custom workflows around its prebuilt capabilities - and it does a solid job of that. But, if you're looking for land specific tools intended to streamline your investing processes like our Mapping Tool to Watermarking to our Documents Generator, you need Pebble.

Reason #2

Zero Setup Cost

Pebble is ready to go the moment you get access. Asides from your name, email, and password, zero time and cost needed to get an account opened, and with intuitive setting controls, you can adjust your own details and integrations at anytime. Get access to Pebble today with no setup fees, no credit cards, and 14 day free access. Once in, start your investing process by upload your mailing list and create your mailers all inside of Pebble. Get access to Pebble now.

Reason #3

Full Control for You and Your Team Only

Pebble is for you and your team only, from managing your own mailings to app integrations, you and your team are in full control. With Landspeed, and their team of dedicated virtual assistants they are there to help you with setup and changing your settings. But if something doesn't quite work or if they just don't fully understand your process, you'll need to communicate and work with the team in order to find a solution.
So if your team needs to move quickly and fit your business strategy, you can get it done on your own in minutes with Pebble.

Reason #4

Save More With Mailing to Only Verified Addresses

If you're sending direct mailers without any measures to verify if an address exists, on average you can see about an 8-10% return on undeliverable mailings. Because Landspeed prints and mails through Click2Mail, which skips the process of verifying addresses, you can see up to $25 wasted per 1000 mailers sent out. With Pebble's mailing, we've set strict rules to minimize any wasted spending on non-existing addresses.

Reason #5

Send Your Leads to Your Favorite Follow-up and Email Automation

We understand the importance of the systems you have dialled in already. Because Pebble is built to streamline your current processes, that means you can simply send your leads to any app through our official Pebble Zapier app. Whether your leads go to Mailchimp, to Follow-Up Boss, or to whatever app you choose, Pebble lets you easily integrate with any app or system that you have already refined in your process.

Ready to get started?

Start by signing up for a free trial, then follow the instructions in this article to kickoff the import.