Why Go With Pebble vs Landspeed?

Research is critical before investing in both land and the software you use to optimize your investing process. We love that you’re here comparing Pebble vs LandSpeed, in fact, we urge you to because it’s that sort of due diligence and attention to detail that creates the most successful investors. Before we get into that comparison, we want to give proper credit to the product that the LandSpeed team has made, it’s a solid platform that can help land investors.
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How are Pebble and LandSpeed different?

To be honest, we have a lot of functional similarities – all of the best platforms in this space will (we hope they would anyway!) – but rest assured we’ll break down the differences in detail below.

What really separates us is specialization; Pebble is purpose-built and optimized for land investing. Landspeed is built on top of another piece of software.

Howard Zonder, the founder of LandSpeed Technologies and a seasoned land investor and coach of Land MBA, built a stellar workspace for land investors on the Podio project management platform…but it’s limited by what Podio can do.

Despite the constraints on what’s possible and Podio itself being more of a broad, non-industry-specific workflow solution, LandSpeed is a reliable, modular CRM for people who’d like some degree of individualization.

Pebble, on the other hand, is designed solely for land investing and full of customizations exclusively created for your workflow as a land investor.

The features differ here and there but at the core, that’s the big difference.

Easily import your Landspeed data ​

Feeling good about Pebble? Great! It’s easy to import your property data and past mailings into Pebble.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Investors Use Pebble vs Landspeed

Reason #1

Pebble is built from scratch solely for land investors

We said it once but we’ll say it again, we built Pebble with just one intention: simplifying the land investing process so that you can actually grow and optimize.

That means every feature has been thought of through the experience of a land investor and then built from the ground up solely to streamline flipping vacant land. LandSpeed, as mentioned, is a custom workflow assembled with Podio. What exactly is Podio? A tool for creating communication and workflow solutions around pre-existing capabilities – and LandSpeed does a really solid job within those limitations.

If you’re looking for land-specific tools intended to improve your investing processes, like; streamlining research and marketing with our Mapping Tool, centralizing communication and lead follow-ups or the ability to group duplicate owners in your mailing efforts, you need Pebble.

Reason #2

Effortless integrations, customizations and automation that you control

We think the tools you use should fit the way you like to work so we made integrations simple, something you can even do yourself within Pebble via Zapier (we even have a database of commonly used land investing automations you can implement in seconds). On the flipside, since LandSpeed is built on a comparatively rigid base, you’ll actually need to get in touch with them to set up any integrations. Plus, because the Podio platform is used by businesses across all industries, highly specialized integrations may be too complex for the LandSpeed team to deliver for you.

Reason #3

Scaling is a team game, Pebble is made for it

If your goal is growth (and if you’re here, we know it is!), the only way to do it is by leveraging tech and bringing on people because you can only do so much as a solopreneur.

With LandSpeed, it’s nice that you can delegate tasks but there’s more to managing a team than just telling them what to do.

Pebble grows with you, allowing you to add users when ready. With built-in, on-platform communication you can strategize with your team, perform due diligence, tag team members & create task lists automatically for consistent progress as well as auto-assign property leads for follow-up.

You can properly manage your team without micromanaging so you’re able to stay focused on the big picture.

Reason #4

Complete flexibility to optimize your land strategy

Just like there’s more than one way to make a burrito, different land acquisition strategies work better for certain people and situations. Blind offers may be a better option than ranged offers for some deals, for others a neutral letter is best.

We know mail is a huge part of land investing strategy but it’s not the only strategy and being strategic often means having a multi-touch marketing approach. Pebble is designed for exactly that. You can build texts and calls into your campaigns to ensure you’re leaving no stone unturned when hunting sales.

Pebble is flexible, letting you apply the best strategy for each scenario and adjust on the fly. LandSpeed is boxed in by the underlying Podio software so their method becomes your method.


Reason #5

Smart mail vs dumb mail – better results with data-driven mailing

What’s the difference? 

Well, dumb mail is just mail without data or analytics. Sort of a “spray and pray” approach. Naturally, it’s a method that works, it is the old way everyone (including us) used to use after all. It’s also how LandSpeed’s mailing partner Click2Mail still operates.

With Pebble, you’re getting smart mail that captures data and allows you to get better results as you go. For instance, seller leads are automatically tracked back to the specific campaign they came from allowing you to see exactly what works and what doesn’t. With that info in hand, you can continuously sharpen campaigns to optimize response rates and close more and more deals as you go.

Pretty smart.

Still not convinced?

No problem, let’s jump on a call and we’ll walk you through everything so you can see for yourself how Pebble can simplify (and optimize) your land business.