Why Pebble Will Save You Time & Money vs Click2Mail

Pebble manages the entirety of the acquisition and marketing process for you. It’s the platform you’re seeking to grow, streamline, and scale your land investing business faster and more sustainably than ever before.

Not only that, Pebble is a print and mail service as well. It’s designed specifically for land investors.

Thanks to the great working relationship with our printers and the systematic approach we take to mailing, we’ve secured the best rates on the market and pass along our savings to you.

Here’s how we stack up compared to Click2Mail (www.click2mail.com) and other Mailhouses:

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offers 2 owners
Start Mailing Rate$0.57$0.66$0.66$0.69$0.66
Minimum Order0500500500100
Daily Mail Drip
Document Editor
Land Templates
Address Verification
Modify Mail Midway
Mail Tracking
Image Merging
Map Image Generation
Data Direct Import
Property Code Generation
Automatic Neighbor Letters
Savings at 1000 mailers-$(80)$(90)$(190)$(90)
Savings at 5000 mailers-$(400)$(450)$(950)$(450)

Land Investors are Already Saving Time & Money with Pebble

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