Why Go With Pebble vs LG Pass?

We love that you’re weighing your options, in fact, we encourage you to because it’s that sort of due diligence and attention to detail that creates the most successful investors. Being here to compare Pebble vs LG Pass means you already have the future of your land investing business in mind. Before we get into the weeds though, we want to give some praise to the product that the LG Pass team has created, it’s genuinely a quality platform that meaningfully helps land investors.
Investment DominatorLandspeedLG Pass
Setup FeeNo Setup$1999$727*$260 per month (Lob)
Print & Mailing
Zapier App
Document Editor
Team & VA Management
Address Verification

How are Pebble and LG Pass different?

To be honest, we have a lot of functional similarities – all of the best platforms in this space will (we hope they would anyway!) – but rest assured we’ll break down the differences in detail below.

What truly separates us is who we’re built for; the future-focused who are looking to scale and want complete control and customization of their workflow.

Mark Podolsky aka The Land Geek and founder of LG Pass, has been in land investing since 2001. A true OG in the field, he’s built a great one-size-fits-all product around his system.

LG Pass works best for students coming out of Land Geek’s Flight School course or coaching program. It’s essentially tailor-made for utilizing the strategies they teach and is a solid way to get a feel for how mailing works.

Pebble, on the other hand, is built to scale while encouraging you to take ownership of the process and create a system that fits you.

The features differ here and there but at the core, that’s the distinction

Easily import your LG Pass data

Feeling good about Pebble? Great! We’ll make it even easier to get started by importing your entire property list. It’s free and we’re to help if you need any assistance along the way.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Investors Use Pebble vs LG Pass

Reason #1

It’s your business, run it your way – optimize your land strategy

Just like there’s more than one way to cook an egg, different land acquisition strategies work better for certain people and situations. Blind offers may be a better option than ranged offers for some deals, for others a neutral letter is best.

If you’re not sure which mailer will work best, for example, you can easily split test within Pebble and go with the option that optimizes your response rate, something that’s not possible with LG Pass.

Pebble is flexible, letting you apply the best strategy for each scenario. LG Pass offers a more rigid, linear approach.

Reason #2

Customized, integrated and easy to locate docs

Creating docs isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. We get it. LG Pass gets it. They do a great job of offering quite a few templates. With Pebble you happen to get even more templates – which are fully editable – to accommodate any land strategy and scenario.

In addition to building out your custom document library, you can keep things meticulously organized by attaching documents to individual properties. Need to find a doc from 10 deals ago? Use our handy search function to pull up any property and all associated files.

Oh, and documents also live in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.

Reason #3

Flexible, error-free mailing that you control

Imagine reaching a seller that’s ready to sell with a misprinted offer letter that’s all but impossible to read (yes it has happened, from jumbled fonts to blank pages and more). Deal lost. This isn’t as 1-in-a-million as you’d think when you use a print house that distributes printing across the country. That’s how LG Pass’s printer, Lob, works. (how do we know? We’ve worked with Lob before and left for that specific reason)

At Pebble we print out of one facility and are hyper-focused on quality control because we’ve had those printing errors cause big problems in the past.

On top of that, you’re in full control of your mailing with the ability to modify mid-campaign, something Lob doesn’t allow. Want to throttle your drip while on vacation? Correct a typo? Adjust an offer? You can anytime with Pebble.

Reason #4

Integrate & automate for a more powerful, streamlined workflow

LG Pass may make it easy to tag which marketing channel your property is on but with no true website integration, that’s the end of the line. With Pebble’s professional, integrated websites for leads (REI Landleads) and sales (REI Landlist) you can route buyer/seller leads into Pebble where you can manage the entire deal cycle.

On top of that, integration through Zapier lets you automate everything from basic, repetitive admin tasks all the way to making offers and posting properties once your criteria are met.

Pebble aligns with your style; LG Pass requires you to use theirs.

Reason #5

Scaling is a team game, Pebble is built for it

If your goal is growth (and if you’re here, we know it is), the only way to do it is by leveraging tech and bringing on people because you can only do so much as a solopreneur.

With LG Pass, it’s nice that you can delegate tasks but there’s more to managing a team than that.

Pebble facilitates on-platform team communication, lets you tag team members & create task lists for consistent progress and auto-assign property leads for follow-up.

You can properly manage your team without micromanaging so you’re able to stay focused on the big picture.

Still not convinced?

No problem, let’s jump on a call and we’ll walk you through everything so you can see for yourself how Pebble can simplify (and optimize) your land business.