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Here’s why streamlined processes and automation are the key to scaling your land investing business successfully

Automated Mailing

No more unpredictable waves of leads

Automatically send out batches of mailers and offers daily so you aren't overwhelmed with waves of leads all at once. Consistency and predictability in your daily work flow allow you to scale and grow your land business.

Document Generator

Seconds to generate documents

No land investor wants to spend their day sorting out legal paperwork, which is why Pebble generates your documents in seconds. Access our extensive library of templates or upload your own. Completed offer letters, deeds, contracts – we have you covered!

Property & Lead Tracking

All your tracking managed from one place.

Manage and track all your properties, buyer and seller leads, and their progress in one app. No matter the stage of the process, you’ll always have a clear view to stay organized.

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Imagine having more time to grow your business

Pebble users save an average

0 minutes

per month just on these tasks alone.

Time savings are based on sending an average of 1000 offer letters and managing an average of 8 new properties per month.

minutes saved

Prepping Mailers

minutes saved

Sales Docs

minutes saved

Purchase Docs

minutes saved

Marketing Property

Print and verified mail at bulk rates.

We take care of the printing and mailing for you. Plus, you get access to our exclusive bulk rates no matter how much (or little) mail you send.

Integration with the services you already use and love.

Pebble acts as a central hub for all the services and tools you already use to streamline your land investing process meaning you don’t have to ditch what already works for you. Pebble allows you to:


With Pebble you can:

Have set it + forget it mailing

Schedule your offer mailers to drip out daily so you can control the number of incoming leads each day. Regular and consistent leads are the key to scaling your business.

Keep track of all your properties

Every single property is tracked. You can easily pull up records, documents, images, even contracts - no matter the stage of the process.

Generate documents in seconds

Whether they’re letters, offers, agreements, contracts, deeds, or something in-between, you can automatically complete and deliver them within seconds.

Access tracking for both buyer + seller leads

Pebble provides the centralized and integrated tracking of leads from any marketing channels whether it’s Facebook, your own website, or broker websites.

Generate property maps

Automatically locate, generate maps, and outline parcels of your properties.

Still use your followup your CRM of choice

Integrate directly with your own choice of a followup CRM like Followup Boss or Hubspot through Zapier.

Use your own choice of data

Pebble offers a seamless data import through Data Tree and Agent Pro 247, or, if you prefer, you can easily choose your own data lists like county records.

Access our exclusive docs library

Get access to our documents library filled with everything from mailer templates to sales contracts. You can even add your own and Pebble will auto-complete them for you.

Save money with verified mailing

We verify the addresses on all mailers before sending them out so you don't waste your budget on non-existent properties.

Have access to competitive mailing rates

We offer competitive bulk pricing on both printing and mailing services.

Integrate with your website

Pebble fully and easily integrates with both REI Conversion land websites; REI Landleads (land buying website) and REI Landlist (land selling website).

Work on the go

Run your business from anywhere at any time, on any device. We've optimized our app to work great on mobile and even better on tablet devices.

Navigate land with Pebble right by your side.

Pebble makes the perfect business partner and is with you during the entire process of your land investing journey.

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