Podcast Episode #67

19 May 2022

Going from Wholesaling Homes to Land Flipping

In this episode, meet Brent Bowers, land coach of Wholesaling Inc.’s “The Landsharks”. We have asked him to share with us how and why he transitioned from wholesaling to land flipping and how he became a land coach.

Brent shares how he went from Army Officer, to house wholesaler, now a land investor! After serving in 2013, he started buying houses and wholesaling and then hit on the holy grail of land investing. He did the exact opposite of the herd mentality that resulted in more financial freedom for him, got out of the military, and lived life on his terms.

In this episode listen:

  • How do wholesaling and land flipping differ
  • Why Brent is so excited about land in general
  • How to deal with odd properties

Show Notes:
The Land Sharks
Wholesaling Inc. Podcast
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