Podcast Episode #64

24 Mar 2022

We Thought No One Would Buy This Land!

In this episode of ‘Odd Props,’ we meet Ariana and David Choi. They share their story about one of their ‘odd’ properties, how they overcame challenges, learned lessons, and show us the reality of land business.

Ariana and David share with us the story of their ‘odd’ property. That property owed so many bonds and back taxes that it was more in debt than it was worth. It has taken them so long to work on the deal that they have begun to believe it is impossible to sell. However, a home builder came to the rescue and reached out to them and made an offer!  

In this episode listen:

  • How Ariana and David got started
  • Challenges they faced with this odd property
  • Lessons along their new land journey

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