Podcast Episode #60

20 Jan 2022

Your Profits Come First

David Richter, author of Profit for Real Estate Investing, gives you a glimpse of what his book is all about. Instead of blindly operating your business, chasing one deal after another as if you’re in some sort of a rat race, chained to your business all the time and left wondering where your profit went, the book aims to equip land investors like you with the smarts and know-how, so you manage your profit well and achieve financial freedom.

In this episode, David introduces a practical approach on how you can make the idea of being able to ‘pay yourself first’ happen. He goes into detail on how one of the key steps works. He calls it, ‘The Golden Trio of Bank Accounts’.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • how to manage your money to be able to have more money
  • how to leverage your profit so your business can work for you
  • how to stop being trapped in the rat race and make your business more sustainable

Show notes:
Profit First for Real Estate Investing by David Richter

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