Podcast Episode #59

06 Jan 2022

21 Biggest Land Lessons for 2021 (Part 2)!

As promised, we have our second installment for our 2-part episode where 21 land investors including myself and my co-founder, Kevin, have shared our land lessons for 2021.

For Part 2, you get to hear from the following land investors:

3:19 – Sean Callahan
5:36 – Trevor Chung
7:53 – Steve & Tonsha Hokanson
9:04 – Sarah Pearson
10:31 – Megan Autrey
12:31 – Erin Spence
14:24 – Callan Faulkner
16:47 – Kevin Rockwood
19:24 – Alicia Jarrett
21:26 – Jaren Barnes
23:36 – Jessey Kwong

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