Podcast Episode #52

08 Oct 2021

Stop overanalyzing land, and just start!

It can be easily overwhelming when starting your land flipping and investing journey. It’s exactly what happen to nation-wide land investor, Travis King when he started. Over consumption of courses, content, and dealing with some of the most typical hangups of starting up your own business.

In this episode, Travis walks you through his journey of month after month of delaying the start, but not only that, as he now coaches others who are getting started in the land space and shares some of the more common things he hears about other land investors who just need to get started.

HUGE time benefit – as he talks about how he spends up to only 2 hours per property he puts under contract, and it’s hard for him to deny the payoff with such little time invested to flip land.

Lucas loves wholesaling and wants to share why you should wholesale too.Listen to this episodes

Travis shares:

  • common pitfalls of getting started
  • things Travis wish he had before he started (capital)
  • technical hangups of starting a land business

Show notes:
Travis King’s Coaching

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