Podcast Episode #50

03 Jun 2021

Systems For Land Investing Remotely

Kevin Rockwood, co-founder and lead developer of REI Pebble is also a land investor. And he does it all the way from South Korea. That has forced him to think about running his business remotely and with scaling in mind from day 1.

In this episode, we explore the systems and tools that allow him to run his business remotely from anywhere around the world

Listen to this episode:

  • how Kevin views land investing
  • early days of starting REI Pebble and streamlining
  • different tools to run a land flipping business remotely
  • lessons learned along the way

Show notes:
DataTree to pull property records/list
Pebble for mailing
SimpliFile for filing deeds
EverSign for signing contracts and documents
OpenPhone for phone system
Travelling Mailbox
Episode 18- Strategies To Collecting 5-Star Reviews and Build Trust – REI Conversion
Integrations e-book

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