Podcast Episode #32

28 May 2020

Why I Only Buy Cheap Land and the Pros and Cons of Land Investing

Mike Ferreira is a veteran of the land investing world (and a long time owner of REI Conversion websites!). And in this episode, Mike’s experience shines as he shares tonnes of wisdom and gems – don’t miss this one.

Listen into this episode as Mike discusses why he sticks to buying mostly cheap land and sells them on terms and why this works for him.

Not only that, but Mike offers his honest thoughts on land investing. What has worked for him, challenges that he’s gotten used to and what newbie bad habits still stick with him even though he’s been a full-time land investor for some time.

Listen to this episode:

  • Why Mike flips cheaper land
  • How “competitors” can benefit from each other
  • Dealing with managing capital for investing
  • Automation vs. VA’s
  • Common newbie mistake he still makes
  • And a lot more gems about land investing!

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