Podcast Episode #8

23 Aug 2019

Locking Properties Behind Email Form?

We recently held a Facebook Live session discussing our upcoming Buyers’ List building strategy. Specifically about the strategy of locking properties behind an email optin form.

And we wanted to truly see if this was an effective method.

Our team is going deploy 2 versions of the REI Landlist (land selling website), with mock properties and run the test of collecting emails over the next few months with actual traffic coming.

Our Goal: to observe the behaviours of those who are required to submit their email contact vs those who are not required to do so in order to view the properties.

Listen to why and how we plan on running this test so that you can follow and track the results we come to to help you make the decision if you should lock your properties behind a buyer lead optin form and grow your buyer’s list.

Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:04] Today’s Topic: Running a live A/B test to discover if locking properties behind email form is worth it.
[00:00:23] What a split test or A/B test is.
[00:00:36] Episode overview
[00:01:19] Welcome to the Facebook Live
[00:02:01] Building a buyers’ list is a long run game.
[00:02:12] How last interviewee, Luke Harris, is a great example of selling land through his buyers’ list.
[00:02:45] Struggles of constant posting on Facebook and Craigslist
[00:03:02] Relying too much on marketplaces like Facebook and Craigslist
[00:04:00] Email is a valuable resource to sell property
[00:04:10] Facebook group discussions on locking properties behind an email optin form
[00:06:21] No one knows the answer – so we’ll test this
[00:07:00] Running a test will give us a data to make clearer decisions
[00:07:15] Biased that REI Conversion is running this test?
[00:07:23] Property Content Lock feature coming to REI Landlist theme
[00:08:12] How we will run this test
00:09:15] Test 1: Will having an optin form make visitors leave site?
[00:09:36] Test 2: Will this grow our buyers’ list faster and by how much faster?
[00:10:03] Test 3: Better quality leads? (Conversion goal)
[00:10:25] How we deploy this test with REI Landlist
[00:11:05] The two versions of the website we’ll test
[00:12:57] Traffic comes from Facebook Marketplace and Buy & Sell Groups
[00:13:15] Lifespan of test
[00:13:28] Flaws of this test
[00:15:14] Start collecting emails for your buyers list with our “Property Content Lock” feature
[00:15:38] Questions, comments or suggestions for this test – please leave comment below.

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