Podcast Episode #7

09 Aug 2019

How He’s Selling 50% of His Properties Through Email

Luke Harris of The Farm Finders began collecting buyer email leads since the launch of his business – even though he wasn’t sure what to do with it just yet. Only after a couple years, he has transformed that list and is now reaping the benefits of it, riding out the uncontrollable algorithms of Facebook or Craigslist affecting the sales of property.

Luke now sells 30%-50% of his properties to his email list, sometimes within minutes or hours of blasting his emails.

We’re going to be diving into exactly what he’s doing with his email marketing from the importance of having a land selling website that collects emails to build his buyers’ list all the way to the kinds of emails he’s writing and even when is the best time he’s found to send out his emails to be able to offload his properties just through his blast.

Make sure you listen right to the end to hear about his email template takeaway download so you can start applying the same strategies.

Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:03] Today’s Topic: Luke Harris and how he’s building his email list
[00:02:42] Stories of Luke selling his properties within minutes of emailing his list
[00:03:24] How Luke got into land investing
[00:04:44] Why email marketing (for your properties)?
[00:05:15] Third to half of sales from buyers’ email list
[00:05:34] Schedule of emails to send out properties
[00:05:51] How Luke picks his properties to put on his emails
[00:06:37] “Deal of the Week” email
[00:06:46] Types of emails that were not helping to sell
[00:07:36] Only those on email list get exclusive discounts
[00:09:08] All buyers from any platform always end up on his buyers’ list through his website
[00:10:15] Aweber and segmenting through automations
[00:10:56] Best time of the day to send emails for Luke
[00:11:12] Structure of email and discounts
[00:12:05] When to repeat send the email
[00:14:33] Repeat buyers
[00:15:30] Luke’s DOTW Email template (Resource Library)
[00:16:30] Tools Luke Uses: Aweber
[00:17:20] Tools Luke Uses: Podio
[00:17:44] Tools Luke Uses: Timer on an Email (MotionMail)
[00:18:40] Build genuine sense urgency
[00:21:08] Rank your best methods of selling properties
[00:22:03] Driving traffic from Facebook and Craigslist to website to submit emails
[00:23:12] Riding out fluctuations from Facebook and Craigslist with Email Marketing
[00:23:30] Start building your email list early on your business
[00:24:30] Land selling website that collects emails: REI Landlist
[00:25:07] Leave a comment for Luke

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