Podcast Episode #99

16 Nov 2023

College Basketball Coach to Mega Land Investor

It was a 5-second decision. When his brother Daniel (ep. 97) approached him with the idea of getting into land, Ron sold off his 401k, liquidated his stocks and went all in.

With no background in real estate and entrepreneurship, it was sheer tenacity, belief in the process and good old-fashioned grinding that brought Ron and Daniel to incredible heights and the freedom they’d both been looking for.

In this episode, Ron walks us through their partnership, the early days and how he went from saving $5,000 in three years as a basketball coach to averaging $20k profit per flip soon after getting started in land.


  • Why it’s important to do every job in your business before outsourcing it
  • How Ron and Daniel split their roles within their business
  • The one thing that kills most partnerships

The Energy Bus – Jon Gordon
Land Investing Online
IG: Ron Apke

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