Podcast Episode #81

10 Mar 2023

How Systemizing Helps You Avoid Burnout

The quickest way to burn out is to go hard as you can…without any direction. It’s something our good friend Paul Brewer knows all too well.

At one point working 60 hours/week as a firefighter and another 60 in land investing, work-life balance was all but impossible.

What changed?

Stopping, reevaluating and committing to getting systems in place after creating goals and a long-term vision.

Paul learned to pace – because there’s no race in finding success! – and started buying back his time through strategic hires (we did an entire episode on the importance of the exact job Paul hired for) and optimizing processes.


In this episode listen and learn:

  • How to prevent burnout
  • 3 book recommendations from Paul and Jessey
  • The importance of creating and documenting your systems

Travis King – Land Investing Mastery
Dirthacker Challenge
Rise REI Solutions

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