Podcast Episode #78

26 Jan 2023

Why Acquisition Managers Are Your Most Important Hires

When’s the right time to hire an acquisition manager? How do you find the right ones for your business and what are the red flags to look for?

We talked to 7-figure land investor Sumner Healy about that and more; how he built his acquisitions team, the success benchmarks he uses and what he learned from hiring overseas (spoiler: leads care more about talking to someone who knows land lingo than the accent they may have).

Sumner’s insights on the number of touches before a lead enters a drip campaign to the touches required to close that deal alone (it’s more than you think!) can boost your close rate.

In this episode listen and learn:

  • How acquisition managers help your business
  • Tips for hiring, onboarding and setting success metrics
  • When hiring one (or more) makes sense


@Landinvestor.co Youtube
Sumner Healey Instagram
Travis King – Land Investing Mastery

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