24 Apr 2019

Easily post your property on Craigslist & Facebook (Version 2.0)

We’re super excited to announce our first major update – Version 2.0. We’re making it even easier to get your properties listed, even outside your own website.

Now with only a few clicks, you’ll be able to grab your property in plain text formatted so that you can easily post on other offsite classifieds/marketplaces such as Craigslist and/or Facebook Buy & Sell Marketplace Groups.

In your WP Dashboard
1) Head over to your properties tab
2) then under each property you’ll see ‘Generator’
3) Click ‘generator’ and a pop up will show up
4) Grab the text to bring over to your Facebook/Craigslist.

WIth our new Post Generator, you are able to customize your post generator specifically for Facebook and Craigslist, so that everytime you need list yoru property on your website, just grab the text and bring it right into Craigslist and Facebook Buy & Sell pages.

No more need to tediously type out each listing!

Other REI Landlist version 2.0 fixes and updates:

  • Added: Property rename option in Customizer
  • Added: Compatible with Sale Post Generator by REI Conversion
  • Added: Single land – main carousel lightbox
  • Added: Single land – main carousel image display size option in Customizer
  • Updated: Land renamed to Property
  • Updated: 404 page styling
  • Updated: Single land – lower carousel navigation position
  • Updated: Demo import files

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