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02 Jan 2024

January 2024 Feature Updates – What’s New in Pebble

Welcome to 2024!

As we bid farewell to 2023 and step into this brand new year, the Pebble team is thrilled to kick off 2024 with some exciting updates.

Let’s dive into the highlights!

The NEW Dirt Hacker Challenge: the blueprint to scale your land business

You might’ve heard about the Dirt Hacker Challenge and think you know what it’s all about…forget that!

We’re pumped to announce the upcoming (and updated) Dirt Hacker Challenge from February 5th to 9th, where we’ll guide you through 5 days of live training and break down the blueprint to scale your land business and put it on autopilot.

It costs less than a fancy drink at Starbucks, so don’t miss out!

Get the details and sign up here

Enhanced call dialog to manage multiple phone numbers

If you’re working in several counties and registered local numbers in each, this will make your life easier.

Now, when you receive a call in Pebble, the dialog will display both the incoming number and the dialed number, allowing you to quickly identify the source by the area code.

A small but valuable upgrade for those of you juggling numbers across different counties.

Long deal names – unabbreviated – on the deal board

If you’re someone who loves to organize deals with descriptive and longer names, we’ve got you covered!

Previously, we would automatically abbreviate longer deal names on the deal board cards so they’d fit on one line, now the text will wrap onto another line if needed. That means you’ll see the entire deal name, no matter the length, allowing for better organization and clarity.

Mobile optimizations

As more and more folks use Pebble on mobile, we’ve rolled out some optimizations to the mobile layout. The notifications panel and inbox layout have been refined to provide a more seamless and efficient experience while you’re on the move.

We understand the importance of flexibility and we’ll keep working to streamline all of your interactions with Pebble (mobile and desktop!).

See you in February!

Thank you for being part of the Pebble community. Here’s to a fantastic year ahead filled with big wins and continued growth! 🎉

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