Podcast Episode #73

06 Oct 2022

Invest In Yourself For The Highest ROI

Ajay Sharma is a man on a mission. Fresh out of college, he stumbled on land investing and never turned back (listen in for a pro tip that can save you $1,000+).

In this episode, he walks us through how he turned early success into a full-time land investing business with 25+ deals this year alone.
It boils down to mindset and Ajay continually develops his through mentorship and being a sponge for knowledge so he can continuously optimize for bigger returns.

In this episode listen and learn:

  • The difference between dating your business and being married to it?
  • Why coaching and investing in yourself is a game-changer?
  • How to get through a sales dry spell?

Show Notes:
Instagram – @investingwithajay
7 Ways to Make $1,000 per Month From Land
How to Add Value To Land and 5x Your Profit
Classroom Series
Pebble Pricer
Pebble Tools
Travis King Land Investing Mastery

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