25 Feb 2021

A Crystal Clear View of Your Leads for Land! ???

Land is already ‘busy’ enough. So we’re making steps to continue to give you the flexibility yet simplicity with our tools to help you run your land investing business.

We’ve got a lot of new features launched this past month and here’s some of the bigger ones we’ve been working on.

Feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch our latest ‘Update Roundup‘ which we streamed inside of our Facebook Group ‘Land Investors Who Drive Growth ? and our YouTube channel on February 25, 2021 which covers all our latest updates.

Let’s get to those updates shall we…

Refining your locations!

Many of us are working out of multiple states and different counties, so now you have more granular control on your locations. With the ability to have 2 levels of locations (ex: State, County). You’ll need to update your REI Landlist website to get access to this new feature!

Easy and flexible checkout buttons

With other new payment options arriving, including our good friends over at we now allow for you to embed html, or custom button images like Fabrica’s checkout button.

Don’t know who is and how makes land selling SUPER easy? Checkout our interview with them here.

Visually and easily manage leads

Crystal clear and easy seller and buyer lead management has finally arrived. This allowed us to rethink the entire process of managing leads and give you a quick overview of where you need to focus on moving your leads across the finish line.

With our new Kanban view for seller and buyer leads, you’ll be able to drag and drop, create new stages, and even add multiple properties to one seller (we hear you!)

Mark winning (and lost) deals!

Celebrate your wins… but better yet, keep track of all your purchased and sold properties. Mark properties easily as ‘purchased’ or ‘sold’ and record the prices that go along with those deals.

All of your purchase and selling numbers will be recorded for easy referencing which we’ll also channel back to our dashboard which is coming up in our next month’s round of updates!

So if you have a feature request, make sure to keep them coming by emailing

Watch the full update roundup for February 2021:

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