15 Jan 2022

Update Roundup (December 2021): Multi-County List Import, Saved Search Filters… And More!

Happy Year 2022!!!

Over the last year, we’ve received tonnes of requests from our user base for features that would be nice to have and that would also help them save time as they go through their workflow inside of Pebble. They’ve brought in some really great ideas so we’ve really pushed it and knocked out as many as we could so this will be a fully-loaded Update Roundup to kickstart 2022!

One of the many features that we’ve tackled is Multi-County List Import. Yes, we heard you. You no longer have to add shortcodes to your spreadsheets just to bypass the Single County Import. Just by simply selecting Multi County option, importing your list is now as easy in just a click of a button and can now be done inside of Pebble. All you need to have on your spreadsheet is a column for the FIPS code. In the US, every county has a FIPS code. It’s basically like a zip code but for the county which will be provided by your data list provider. As long as you have the FIPS code, Pebble will take care of categorizing those counties for you.

Feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch our latest ‘Update Roundup‘ which we streamed inside of our Facebook Group ‘Land Investors Who Drive Growth and our YouTube channel on January 13, 2022 which covers all our latest updates.

We’ve got one more Pebble feature that you would not want to miss….

Totally Redesigned Property Search Filters

We’ve redesigned the interface of the filter panel on the Properties tab. You can now select multiple filters at a time. You can now also save those filters which is a huge timesaver when searching for properties.

Unlimited Property Exports

You can now export unlimited data, it could be twenty, thirty or fifty thousand, it doesn’t matter. What it’ll do is it will pull up a little window where you can watch that export being generated and you can comeback and download that at anytime. You can now also view your export history where you’ll see the date and the number of records exported.

Saved Imports

Another labor-saving feature where you no longer have to start from scratch when you’re aligning the column headers of your spreadsheet to that of Pebble’s property fields.

Limit Notifications

You know have the flexibility to manage the email notifications from Pebble. If you choose not to receive via email any lead status change or team member assignment. You now have the option to switch on or off.

Reorder Tasks

You can now move the order of your task list according to the sequence that you prefer.

What’s Upcoming

Stay tuned for our next Update Roundup as we rollout more features for you.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

  • New Neighbor Letter Feature
  • Map Selection Mailing
  • Unified Owner/Lead Contacts

If you have a feature request, make sure to keep them coming by emailing

Watch the full Update Roundup (December 2021) below:

3:12 – Latest Updates
2:19 – Lead Stage Automation
3:59 – Redesigned Property Search Filters
6:31 – Saved Filters
7:30 – Multi- County List Imports
10:40 – Unlimited Property Exports
12:20 – Saved Imports
13:20 – Blazing fast page loads
14:55 – Limit Notifications
15:43 – Reordering Tasks
16:30 – What’s Upcoming
27:25 – Q&A

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