Podcast Episode #75

15 Dec 2022

Can You Run A Land Business Remotely?

Is it possible to successfully buy and sell land when your team is spread across 2 continents, 12+ hours apart? It sure is and that’s exactly what Mary & Ann Danielson have been doing!

In just 18 months these two sisters, Ann based in the Philippines and Mary in the States, went from learning about land investing to doing 8 deals in 2022 alone (and only investing 6-10 hours a week after they got the ball rolling🤯).

In this episode, they break down their strategy of targeting larger properties and also give us some vital productivity tips & tricks that allow them to use their time difference to their big-time advantage.

In this episode listen and learn:

  • How you can use the difference in time zones to your advantage
  • What type of strategy the do on targeting larger property
  • How has Pebble helped their business

Show Notes:
Mary & Ann Danielson

Travis King Land Investing Mastery

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