Podcast Episode #74

01 Dec 2022

Bigger Profits by Having “Fun” with Land!

Land investing is something *anyone* can do. We’re talking to Josiah Ronco, a former guitar tech for a band you probably know, who built a land business from scratch that’s allowed him to quit his day job.

Josiah explains how he transitioned into investing without being a tech expert, gives us the hiring tips that helped him scale and talks about some of the fun he has on his properties (snorkeling and hiking anyone??).

He also spills the beans about how his massive growth didn’t require leaving his comfort zone and the easy-to-make changes that let him list properties at much higher price points.

In this episode listen and learn:

  • How you can transition into land investing without having a lot of experience
  • How hiring the right people can help you scale your business
  • How staying in your comfort zone can lead to bigger profits

Show Notes:
Josiah Ronco – josiah@acrevault.com

Travis King Land Investing Mastery

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