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01 Apr 2024

April 2024 Feature Updates – What’s New in Pebble

Welcome to Q2!

We’ve got a fresh batch of updates for you this month; a new book, improved auto follow-ups, new templates and more. Hope you closed the books on a successful Q1, primed to grow as we push further in 2024.

Let’s get to the details.

📚 FREE Real Land Talk Book: Your Guide to Land Investing Success

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our first-ever book, Real Land Talk.

Curated from insightful conversations on the Land Investing Business Secrets podcast, this 250-page gem is packed with valuable tips, strategies and success stories from land investors at every level and every point of the investing journey.

The best part?

It’s completely free!Just sign up for the Dirt Hacker Challenge, pay a few peanuts for shipping and BOOM the book is on the way (along with the Challenge workbook and instant access to the Kindle version of Travis Kings’ best seller The Land Investor’s Playbook).

📬 Streamlined Campaign Activation Workflow: Welcome to a Smoother Mailing Experience

Campaign activation just got a makeover!

Our new campaign activation flow is designed to make your mailing experience smoother and more efficient. With improved template selection and a handy search feature to find exactly what your campaign demands, launching your campaigns is now easier than ever.

You can also preview templates in the same place, add details and choose your preferred mailing option with a few clicks.

With simplified activation, you can get your mail out the door and into people’s hands faster.

🚀 Action Plan Upgrade: Personalize your Automated Follow-ups

First off, what exactly are Action Plans?

Action Plans are automated follow-up schedules you can build in Pebble because relying on post-its, memory or a spreadsheet to remind you to email, call or text every lead is a surefire way to have a deal fall through the cracks.

And we’ve improved how they work by incorporating dynamic placeholders that allow you to personalize each follow-up instantly.

Add contact names, property details and more effortlessly from a dropdown menu.

Whether it’s emails, text messages or mailers (more on that below), customize your communications to nurture leads and build stronger relationships.

💌 SMS, Email and Mail Templates: Simplifying Communication with Predefined Messages! (Coming Soon)

Tired of typing the same introductory messages over and over when getting a new lead?

Say hello to templates for texting, email and mailing.

Speed up your communication process with predefined messages that are ready to go.

Whether it’s a follow-up email or a text message introduction, choose from a menu of templates to kickstart your conversations.

Save time, maintain consistency and make a great impression.

✉️Mailers for Action Plans: Include Mail in Automated Follow-ups (Coming Soon)

Sending mail is the key to success for so many land investors and Pebble is in the unique position as a mailing service to bring mail into your follow-up sequences.

For example, if someone reaches out to you with interest in buying or selling a property, you can enroll them in an automatic follow-up plan where you can send texts and emails – like all other platforms.

Only with Pebble can you include mail in those automated follow-up sequences aka Action Plans.

What might that look like?

  • Send a property detail sheet that highlights market value
  • Mail out a personal thank you postcard
  • Ranged offer sequences

Let Pebble handle the logistics while you focus on building meaningful connections.

Avoid those April showers and see you in May

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