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Get up to 4 task tickets a month to address fixes and changes on your site.
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1) Task Requests Tickets include any task that takes us less than 30 minutes to complete and typically covers things like changing text, adjusting colors and font, and placing media. These tasks do not cover altering layouts of the theme, advance features such as plugin setup, support, and installation, and any third-party add-on or integration or functionality beyond the theme.

2) Below are some of the most common Task Ticket Request:

– Changing text (Text must be provided)
– Adjusting images (Images must be provided)
– Adding videos or media (Media must be provided)
– Formatting text
– Altering colors, backgrounds, and branding within theme functionality
– Changing content within the theme

3) Properties listing on the “REI Landlist” theme must be listed by the site owner.

4) Once 4 Task Ticket Requests have been submitted for the month, please wait until the next month before making any further Task Ticket Requests.

5) If tickets and ticket message replies from the Pebble team receive no written e-mail response in 10 days, the ticket will be considered closed and will need to be re-submitted.