01 Aug 2020

Website Update Roundup (July 31, 2020)

In our first REI Conversion Website “Update Roundup” held inside of our Facebook Group, Yuli and Jessey discuss the latest updates including:

  1. REI Landlist: Property Content Lock (Property Note)
  2. REI Landlist: Property Admin Columns
  3. REI Landlist: Property Status and Pay Buttons
  4. REI Landleads: New Bold Skin
  5. REI Landleads: New Pebble Forms (KB)
  6. Lots of bug changes and updates

As well as new things we’re working on:

  1. REI Landlist Skin
  2. Blog Styling
  3. REI Landlist Custom Cookie Length for PCL
  4. Pebble Integration with ZPL
  5. In-dashboard Redesign

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