01 Oct 2021

Update Roundup (September 2021): Tasks, One-Off Letters, Property View Counter… And More!

In order to scale, we can leverage human resources, but we want to take the micro-managing out of your land business. And that’s why we just launched our new feature – Tasks and Deadlines.

This feature will help you keep track of the things that your team needs to get done, may it be pulling a comp report, performing a due diligence, or negotiations. You can now create a checklist of tasks inside Pebble and set due dates, so you and your team can accomplish and meet your company’s goals and deliverables on time.

We’ve got a few more features and announcements for both REI Pebble and REI Landleads/Landlist in store for you!

Feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch our latest ‘Update Roundup‘ which we streamed inside of our Facebook Group ‘Land Investors Who Drive Growth and our YouTube channel on September 30, 2021 which covers all our latest updates.

Let’s get to some more feature updates shall we…

Property View Counter

Creating a sense of scarcity is the best approach as stated in every marketing book. It makes an impression that the property is the most coveted piece of property in the market. By showing the number of views on your property listing, you get to create that perception that it’s the most popular property out there and that everyone wants it.

Custom Property Templates

You now have the flexibility to arrange the property details according to how you prefer your listing to appear.

New Mail Statuses

We’ve added more mail status. When you submit a mailing, it will now show you whether it’s still processing, being mailed out or if it failed so you can go back do your skip tracing and resend to those mails that failed.

If you have a feature request, make sure to keep them coming by emailing

Watch the full Update Roundup (September 2021) below:

2:38 – Latest Updates (Website)
4:40 – Pebble Updates
17:30 – What’s Upcoming
28:04 – Announcements
30:44 – Q&A

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