Podcast Episode #70

06 Jul 2022

More profits from subdividing land?!

In this episode, we welcome back Travis from The Land Investing Mastery.

As a lot of land investors who are unfamiliar or intimidated by the word ‘Subdividing’, Travis will go into details and demystify the concept and how to make more profit out of it!

He also shares with us on why subdivide the parcel and how much appreciation can somebody expect to force and we covered A LOT MORE!

In this episode listen and learn:

  • Why subdivide?
  • How much should people expect?
  • How to use a land consultant?

Show Notes:
Profits from Portfolios™ Classroom Series
Travis Opt-In Link for free slides & video
Land Investing Mastery with Travis King
Tolosa Property Group
Travis King Land Investing Mastery

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