Podcast Episode #68

09 Jun 2022

Proving if the ‘Land Flipping’ Model Even Works?!

In this episode we have Mike Yost, who is a land investor who got started not too long ago in the land flipping business. His goal: to prove the concept of land and test the waters before fully diving in.

So what does it mean to ‘prove’ the concept before getting fully invested in the land business mean? Listen to Mike as he shares his short journey and the kind of results he’s been able to conjure up in the first few months of starting.

And still fresh in his mind, Mike will also share with us the common mistakes he encountered as he was starting and how he learned from them.

In this episode listen:

  • How Mike decided to prove the concept
  • Why he needed to prove the land model
  • Early lessons and challenges starting in land

Show Notes:
Mike Yost – Bright Water Land
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Finding the Perfect Land Real Estate Agents

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