Podcast Episode #31

14 May 2020

Instagram Strategies To Actually Sell Land

In less than 1 month, Alissa and her team have sold their first property on Instagram. Marketing on Instagram still seems new to a lot of investors, but believe it or not, Instagram is now another source of leads to sell property. Alissa is here to share her experience marketing land on Instagram.

In Episode #31, I get a chance to jump on a chat with Alissa who looks after marketing for her team’s land investing. Having just started marketing on Instagram, in under less than a month they are already collecting leads and have sold one directly through direct messages on Instagram.

Listen to this episode:

  • How to use Instagram to build trust
  • What kind of hashtags to use
  • Using stories to build a brand and personality
  • Instagram exclusive land deals to build a following

Show notes:
Away Land Co. Instagram Page
Buffer – Automated Instagram Scheduler

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