Podcast Episode #30

30 Apr 2020

How To Land Invest From Out Of The Country

Land investing can be done completely virtually, and from anywhere around the world. But there are a few challenges you’ll come across.

In Episode #30, we talk to Sven Storring about his story of investing all the way from Stuttgart, Germany. Wether you’re from a different country or looking to live abroad and continue growing your investing business this episode is packed with specific tools and services that will keep you running at full speed.

Listen to this episode:

  • Challenges and solutions to running your land investing overseas
  • Tools and services that will help you run virtually from anywhere

Show notes:
Mercury.co – banking partner for international start ups whose owners are abroad
Call Hippo – virtual phone line
iPostal – virtual mailbox
Cozy.co – collecting monthly payments
Docsketch – electronic signing

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