Podcast Episode #26

05 Mar 2020

The Top 3 Questions For Marketing Land On Facebook

In Episode #26, Facebook land marketing specialist, Justin Melquist, comes onto our show to share the top 3 questions he’s been receiving when it comes to the process of marketing land on Facebook. Justin answers these questions to put to ease some of your concerns you may have that may limit you from posting more.

In this episode we also talk about our upcoming AMA (Ask Me Anything) Facebook Live event inside of the REI Conversion Community Facebook Group on March 11th (at 5:30pm Pacific, 7:30pm Central, and 8:30pm Eastern).
Please join us inside of this group for our AMA: https://www.facebook.com/groups/reiconversion/

Listen to this episode:

  • Top 3 Facebook marketing questions
  • How to deal with the issues of FB postings in general
  • Upcoming AMA Live Session on Facebook

Show Notes:
Landtrainer – Marketing Land on Facebook 2.0

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