Why Go With Pebble vs Hivemind?

Research is critical before investing in both land and the software you use to optimize your investing process. We love that you’re here comparing Pebble vs Hivemind, in fact, we urge you to because it’s that sort of due diligence and attention to detail that creates the most successful investors. Before we get into that comparison though, we want to give credit to the product that the folks at Hivemind made on top of the HighLevel sales and marketing platform. It’s a unique CRM that offers land investors a totally distinct approach to land investing but is naturally limited by what High Level is capable of.
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How are Pebble and Hivemind different?

While we share some similarities with our other competitors, with Hivemind we’re almost completely different and we’ll break down the core differences in detail below.

What fundamentally separates us is the method of contact; Pebble is all about centralizing and organizing property data to help land investors actually systematize their processes, the bread and butter of land investing, whereas Hivemind quite literally focuses only on following up with leads. They allow you to contact potential buyers/sellers via text, email and phone calls.

Daniel Martinez, the CEO of Hivemind, has created a solid CRM on the HighLevel platform which focuses on all of the other forms of communication.

Pebble was built from scratch to simplify he tried and true direct mail approach as well and optimize the entire land investing work flow, from first contact to close.

Easily import your Hivemind data

Feeling good about Pebble? Great! We’ll make it even easier to get started by importing your entire property list. It’s free and we’re to help if you need any assistance along the way.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Investors Use Pebble vs Hivemind

Reason #1

Pebble is built from scratch solely for land investors

Everything we do at Pebble is with a laser focus on land investors and simplifying their process. Every feature is thought of through the lens of a land investor and then built from the ground up solely to streamline the ability to flip land. Hivemind, as mentioned a moment ago, is a comprehensive product built on a white-label version of the HighLevel sales and marketing platform.

No problem with that at all, those CRMs can get the job done but they aren’t focused on the specific and evolving needs of land investors. If you’re looking for land-specific tools intended to upgrade your investing processes, like; streamlining managing property records and data, research and marketing with our Mapping Tool, centralizing team communication and lead follow-ups or even the specific ability to group duplicate owners in your mailing efforts to take down more properties, you need Pebble.

Reason #2

Direct mail mastery and more

Mailers are part of land investing success. You don’t have to take our word for it, if you’ve taken any course on flipping land, you’ll find that the vast majority teach you direct mail strategies. Why? Because they work. At Pebble, we’re constantly working on ways to make your mailings more successful, from lead tracking to A/B testing to robust property data, we’ve helped investors increase response rates by 6x. 

Now it’s true that direct mail is the most expensive way to market, we get that, but it’s also the most effective route with arguably the highest ROI potential. Hivemind offers every other type of communication except mail. Pebble, on the flipside, has mail down to a science and has built-in automation for text and email follow-ups. Best of both worlds.

Reason #3

Softer learning curve

The nice thing about both Hivemind and ourselves is that we both offer onboarding calls and live demos. But because Hivemind takes an entirely atypical approach to land investing, with a different workflow that includes text, email and phone services, the learning curve is considerably steeper. That means sourcing lists and then having to skip trace phone numbers and email addresses (a cost that’s not included in your Hivemind subscription) before getting started with outreach.

Most folks are taught the direct mail route which makes platforms like ours simple to learn. That also means faster onboarding for team members, the ability to stay agile with strategy pivots that can be implemented more quickly and a clearer pathway to scaling your business.

As the CEO of Hivemind notes in a chat with RETipster, it can take anywhere from a few weeks for tech-oriented people to learn the systems and many months for those that are less tech-savvy. That’s valuable time that you could spend closing deals.

Reason #4

Customizable templates and easy-to-locate docs

Creating docs isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time but it goes with the territory for land investing. We’re land investors too; we’ve created our fair share of forms. Hivemind, like us, offers the ability to build websites easily but can’t really help you when it comes to the rest of the documents your land investing business requires.

With Pebble you get fully editable templates to accommodate any land strategy and scenario; offer letters, purchase agreements, land contracts and more. Not so much with Hivemind.

Oh, and documents also live in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere. Need to find a doc from 10 deals ago? Use our handy search function to pull up any property and all associated files.

Reason #5

Legal peace of mind

Because Hivemind operates solely outside of direct mail, with text, calls and emails, they’re in somewhat of a grey area. What does that mean? You’re probably aware of the federal Do Not Call (DNC) List, heck you’re probably even on it. Well, Hivemind doesn’t have a built-in DNC scrubber so you’ll have to add another step to your process to get rid of those numbers.

Hivemind points out that no one has been fined for violating the Do Not Call list rules but direct mail doesn’t have that issue to begin with. Lists do exist, i.e., the Do Not Mail List, but the consequences of violating them aren’t as draconian, because they don’t exist. Plus, those lists actually help you avoid paying for unnecessary mailers so it’s a good idea to check addresses against them anyhow.

Still not convinced?

No problem, let’s jump on a call and we’ll walk you through everything so you can see for yourself how Pebble can simplify (and optimize) your land business.