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20 Jun 2023

Best Practices: Call Answering Services & Creating Leads in Pebble [i.e. PatLive]

Last Updated: June 20th, 2023

As your land investing business grows, managing your incoming calls and leads is crucial to your continued success. Usually, that means streamlining your call answering process by outsourcing the answering and data inputting altogether so you can free up time to focus on what matters in your business.

Question is, what’s the ideal way to integrate your call answering service with Pebble?

While there are plenty of ways to do it, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on the best way to use PATLive and Answer First within Pebble.

The reason we’re focusing on those two is that we’ve found from listening to you that they’re the most popular tools for the job but you’ll find that you can use the same steps with most of the other available call answering services.

So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use PATLive, Answer First and others within Pebble.

For PATLive and Answer First

The major benefit of both of these services and any others that are able to fill in forms, is that by doing so they can create a lead directly inside Pebble without needing to access your Pebble account.

Here’s how:

1. Plan out the questions the answering agent will ask. Will they be yes/no, multiple choice or text field or some combination? You can check out our template here

2. Create your lead form in Pebble. You can do this by going to your seller inbox and clicking on “Inbox Settings” and then scrolling to “Lead forms

  • Note that some fields are required like name, phone, email and if they have an offer code. The rest of script is fully customizable
See how easy it is to create a Lead Form inside Pebble

4. Once you have the form set up, click on “Public Form” on the top right and copy the link

5. Give the link to PATLive so that they can use it to fill out the form every time they receive a call on your behalf

6. Once they fill out the form, the information will be automatically sent back to your Pebble inbox

  • You can also embed the form into a website by clicking “Create Embed Code

Pro Tip: Create a form for your call answering service, customize it, get the public form link, provide to your call answering service and take care of other important matters while your inbox fills up.

For Other Call Answer Services

Some services work a little bit differently and have their own methods of gathering lead information, after which they email you the lead’s information.

1. Lock in your call script, feel free to use a template (either ours or another you like)

2. Use the “Inbox email address” that Pebble automatically generates after you set up your inbox and which you can find at the top of your “Inbox Settings” page. This is hugely important because it consolidates all of your leads into one place.

Pro Tip: Lock in your script, provide your auto-generated Pebble email address to Answer First and work on something else while leads come in.

How to Get Your Script Right

The goal of your script is twofold; 1) qualify the lead and 2) get them off the phone ASAP because you’re paying for each second on the clock.

To that end, lean on these tips for script:

  • Keep it simple
  • Short and sweet messages
  • Give your call answering service of choice a link to your form so they can input data straight into Pebble

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can easily integrate PatLive and Answer First into Pebble and start managing your incoming calls and leads like a pro.

Say goodbye to the stress and time-killing tedium of call management and say hello to an efficient, streamlined process that captures leads while you take care of business.

So why wait? Start using these call answering services today and take your land investing to the next level!

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