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29 Sep 2023

October 2023 Feature Updates – What’s New in Pebble

As the season changes from summer to fall, Pebble does too.

Welcome to our October feature update.

This month it’s about moving many of our new features forward and an exciting opportunity to directly connect with some of the most successful land investors out there.

Let’s get into it.

Extra Export Fields: CSVs that are more complete

A small but mighty tweak – especially for those of you running external systems outside of Pebble.

Incomplete CSVs can make migrating campaign records a headache, with manual edits and too much wasted time.

Going forward, when you export your properties or campaign records to a CSV from Pebble, you’ll see new fields: owner’s email, phone number and the all-important “do not mail” flag.

Now, for example, you can filter your list by those who don’t want to be mailed again or quickly bring phone numbers into a power dialer.

Moving data and connecting with leads should be your focus, not dealing with CSVs.

Campaign Spend: Expanding the scope of spending analytics

We mentioned this last month so let’s revisit and check in on the progress.

At the moment, this is a handy tool that allows you to keep track of your campaign expenses, whether they occur within Pebble or outside of it. When you open a campaign, you’ll notice a new input box where you can record your spend.

That’s just the beginning though.

This feature will expand to providing insights like cost per lead, cost per deal based on your campaign spend and analytics like campaign response rate compared to cost per lead.

Granular data that gives a crystal clear view of exactly what your spend is accomplishing.

[Tip: it’s a good idea to start recording your expenses now to make the most of these upcoming metrics]

And for those of you using Pebble for mailing campaigns, we’ll soon be automatically keeping track of your total spend, making your life even easier.

KPIs and Metrics: Almost ready for primetime

We’re pumped about this one because it’s core to Pebble’s mission.

The only way to truly be your mission control center is to equip you with all the detailed reporting you need to make informed, data-driven decisions.

The metrics and KPIs have to matter to you though, so we’ve spent considerable time listening to your feedback, developing tools and then beta-testing them with Pebble users to ensure they cover what you need.

Launch day is getting closer and closer and we’re pumped to get this in your hands.

Stay tuned!

Phone Enhancements: Moving out of beta

We hear you loud and clear; part of the phone strategy for many Pebblers is to drive people directly to voicemail.

That means being able to adjust the ring time and set the number of seconds the phone rings before a call goes voicemail.


You can change that in your inbox settings from a newly added drop-down menu.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most, right?

Pebble Hangouts: A direct line to the most successful land investors

While not exactly a feature update, community has always been at the heart of Pebble and launching Hangouts speaks directly to that.

Here’s how it works:

Every other week, when a new podcast episode is released, our guest will join Jessey for a live discussion inside our Facebook group that you’re invited to join.

That means you can ask your land flipping questions to folks like Travis King, Andrew Haney, Buck Rizvi and any of the other land investing superstars we bring on the show going forward.

To participate in this open forum, simply head over to our Facebook group and request access if you’re not already in.

See You in November!

We’ll be back in early November with a fresh batch of user-driven feature updates which will be available here and over on YouTube.

We also regularly post smaller updates and land investing insights on our Instagram account, @Pebble.rei.

Our goal is to make your Pebble experience better, so feel free to use the Help Beacon and shoot over any questions, comments or feedback.

Until next time, happy investing!

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