06 Dec 2021

Update Roundup (November 2021): Pebble Lead Forms, Lead Stage Automation… And More!

As the year 2021 draws to a close, we’d like to end it by introducing our newest feature that will take automation to the next level. Pebble Leads Form!

How Pebble Leads Form works is that it is automatically linked to Pebble. All you need to do is just to generate a code from Pebble and paste it over to your site. This makes the whole configuration far less complicated as it ties your data right into Pebble without the need for some backend setup.

With this feature, capturing leads has become frictionless than it used to be. In fact, the moment that your leads type in their name, Pebble will retrieve the property details for them – personalizing the experience for your potential seller as now they can see their property, making it so much easier for them to submit their information.

This feature also helps build more credibility for you as a business owner and and will increase your conversion rate as it reduces the amount of time for you to fill out forms and duration of the whole lead intake process.

Feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch our latest ‘Update Roundup‘ which we streamed inside of our Facebook Group ‘Land Investors Who Drive Growth and our YouTube channel on December 2, 2021 which covers all our latest updates.

We’ve got one more Pebble feature that you would not want to miss….

Lead Stages Automation

Now it’s easier to zap in your property details to different platforms as you no longer need to setup triggers manually. You can already assign an integration on each lead stage so each time it changes, it will automatically send the Zap for you.

What’s Upcoming

Stay tuned for our next Update Roundup as we rollout more features for you.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

  • Improved Property Filtering
  • Reordering Tasks
  • Improved Exporting

If you have a feature request, make sure to keep them coming by emailing

Watch the full Update Roundup (November 2021) below:

2:13 – Latest Updates
2:19 – Lead Stage Automation
6:54 – Pebble Leads Form
12:58 – Pebble Leads Form vs Ninja Forms  
18:55 – Performance Upgrade
20:36 -What’s Upcoming 
25:58 – Q&A 27: 45 – Closing

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