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20 Jun 2023

Best Practices: What to Know When Switching From Investment Dominator to Pebble

Last Updated: June 20th, 2023

For starters, the Land Profit Generator Method is a great approach to land investing and works well for many but a potential drawback is that their companion CRM, Investment Dominator, is pretty rigid.

If you’re making the switch to Pebble, you probably know we’re as flexible as an Olympic gymnastics team. To make sure you get the most out of what we offer and have an easy transition, here are a handful of best practices to get you on the right path.

Make Real-time Offers,
Stop Losing Leads with Batching

Waiting too long to send an offer can be the kiss of death for a deal.

When someone replies to your neutral letter, why wait a week and then send a batch of offers indiscriminately?

Timeblocking and batching are solid ways to organize your day but when it comes to land deals, it’s best to strike when the iron is hot as they say and nothing turns a hot lead into a cold one more than the passing of time. If you have a background in sales, you’re already well aware of this.

With Pebble, time is on your side and communication is at your fingertips immediately, be it phone, email or text.

And that matters, consider this;

Remember, you’re not the only one making offers and a simple shift to replying in real-time can dramatically boost the amount of deals you close.

Pro Tip: Check your inbox daily, 1 to 4 times.Once a reply comes in, you should quickly qualify the lead and have an offer out instantly.

Generate Docs for Any Property at Any Time

In Investment Dominator, documents are typically preset and generated once a lead moves into a different status.

That’s convenient.

Unless you need to customize or generate a document on the fly according to your own unique workflow.

Maybe it’s a deed or a contract, a title report, neighbor letter or a thank you note or any other doc you may need for your deal. Whatever it is, Pebble accomodates your workflow and wherever documents fit into it.

Pro Tip: Go to the property you’re working on and generate any document you need, whenever you need.

Don’t worry about having to fill things in manually either, our documents pull data from the property you’re working on and automatically incorporates it.

Capture all Conversations in One Place

RingCentral, CallRail, email inbox, text message and more. Your conversations are happening in different ways on many different platforms which is a surefire way for a deal to slip through the cracks.

Why not have every conversation you have about every deal in one place?

Email, text, phone and website form responses feed directly into a single, easy to manage inbox.

Pro Tip: Centralize all your communication into one unified inbox with Pebble and make tracking a breeze.

Statuses vs Deal Boards:
Track Deal Opportunities, Not Just Properties

Being able to track an individual property through the stages of a sale or acquisition is a win, no doubt about it. But what if your seller has multiple properties in multiple counties, for example?

The way you’d typically do that in Investment Dominator is to have a ticket for each property, which is certainly helpful.

A simpler way to track things would be to group those properties together on one card, which  would give you an immediate visual reminder that the ticket, or deal opportunity, you’re working on involves multiple properties.

Pro Tip: Bundle and track potential deal opportunities together and treat them as one for more efficiency and clarity.

To take that flexibility even further, if you wanted to start your marketing efforts, for instance, you can duplicate the deal opportunity and move it to your marketing board. From there you can keep track of those tasks while keeping all cards linked.

Experiment with Property Lists

Whether you’re using Prycd, DataTree, Property Radar or another data service for your lists, it shouldn’t be a challenge to get all of that property info into your CRM.

With Pebble, you can upload a list from any vendor, no matter the formatting.

No need to potentially hire someone to scrub, clean, and rework the data lists just so you can import them.

We’re able to auto-detect each column and automatically bring in the default and required ones. If there are any other pieces of info that you find critical to your workflow though, you can add those fields to Pebble once and we’ll bring them in for you every time after that.

There’s no “correct” way to visualize your property info, only the way that works best for you, plus, no data provider works equally well across all counties.

Some people just align better with certain providers and how they format their property info; with Pebble you’re free to explore all options without any roadblocks.

Pro Tip: Test different data providers until you find the one that best suits the county you’re working in.

Optimize Mailers to Improve Response Rate

A better response rate to your mailers means a higher likelihood of making a deal.

But is there any way to improve your response rate or is “spray and pray” the only method?

With Pebble there is and it’s called split testing.

Within our platform, you can split or divide your campaign into an A campaign and a B campaign where one variable is different between the two (like the image for example) and then see which gets a higher response rate.

In other words, Pebble allows you to track and improve the performance of your campaigns.

Pro Tip: To increase response rates and optimize your mailers, run split tests to see what performs best. Use actual data to make decisions on your letter formats.

Stay Flexible

As founders, it’s important that you have the ability to experiment and move in different directions, to test various workflows and tactics and create your own way. It’s all about developing sturdy foundations, optimizing what works and pushing for growth.

Flexibility is required, Pebble delivers it.

If you’re an Investment Dominator user and are curious about what it’s like working with Pebble, hop on a call and free demo with us!

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