Podcast Episode #93

24 Aug 2023

Are You Sure Your Website is Helping Your Land Business?

Did you know that over 90% of people that you market to will check you out before they do business with you?

And if nothing meaningful comes up?

You can likely say Sayonara to that deal…and leave lots of money on the table.


Land is a people-to-people business. People buy from people and your website is where that relationship starts.

In this episode, veteran land investor and real estate marketing pro, Alicia Jarrett explains how effective marketing and branding can humanize your business and improve your deal flow.

Because your website and branding are about more than just your domain name, logo and colors.

Branding is your story; it’s how you position yourself and how you create connections.

Get it right and get more deals.


  • Common misconceptions about websites
  • Why you need separate sites for buyers and sellers
  • The importance of making it easy for customers to reach you however they want


Supercharged Offers
LinkedIn – Alicia Jarrett
Facebook – Supercharged Offers
Facebook – Alicia Jarrett
The E-Myth – Michael E. Gerber

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