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10 Jun 2024

June 2024 Feature Updates – What’s New in Pebble

Say hello to the summer heat and a fresh batch of upgrades to Pebble. From new books to improvements in contact management, campaigns and deals boards, we’ve got you covered.

📚 New Book Releases: Expand Your Land Investing Knowledge

We’re thrilled to introduce two new books that are now available for free through our Dirt Hacker Challenge:

  • Real Land Talk: A 200-page compilation of actionable insights from our Land Investing Business Secrets podcast, summarizing key takeaways from folks in every corner of the industry – we’ve covered a lot of topics on the podcast so there’s something in here for every land investor.
  • If I Were to Start Land Again: Featuring advice from well-known figures like Ajay Sharma, Alicia Jarret, Jaren Barnes, Travis King, Seth Williams and more, this book explores how top investors would approach land if they were starting all over today. Getting strategy advice from those who’ve pushed past the initial trial and error and moved to the next level is huge.

These books are invaluable resources to help you grow and succeed in your land investing journey.

You can’t get these on Amazon – they’re only available by taking the Dirt Hacker Challenge. At 30 bucks, just these two books make it worth it (plus, we’re throwing in Travis King’s book, The Land Investor’s Playbook…so three books)! 

📇 Improved Contacts Management: More Control, More Functionality

We’ve significantly enhanced our contacts management tools, helping you maintain and organize your relationships more effectively.

The idea is to give you the ability to manage contacts in the same way you’ve been managing properties in Pebble. In other words, to have both a high-level view and be able to categorize and search for contacts in a more granular way.

Here’s how we’ve made contact management better:

  • Complete contact profile: See all linked deals, associated properties and any conversations you’ve had with each contact, as well as mail campaigns they’ve been sent and if they’re enrolled in a follow-up plan.
  • Advanced search: Easily find contacts based on specific criteria, such as phone numbers.
  • Categorization: Categorize contacts by type, like buyer, seller, funder agent, etc. 
  • Export: Export contact lists as a CSV file for external use
  • Coming soon: Adding alternate phone numbers to a contact

You can now enroll contacts into automations and follow-ups at the contact level too rather than solely doing it by property.

📈 Improved Campaigns: Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Managing deals just got even better!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that campaigns are everything in land investing, so we’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make our marketing tools more efficient and effective.

This is how:

  • Advanced filtering: Filter campaign records by tags (like subdivisions, in-fills, etc.), deal boards and more for targeted marketing – additional filters coming!
  • Create lists for non-mailing campaigns: Mail may be the bread and butter for many investors but not all investors; now you can exclude certain records and build lists for cold calling or texting, for example.

🗂️ Boards Update: Better Project Management

We’ve revamped our boards to enhance your project management capabilities and improve team productivity.

Updates include:

  • More info visible on each card: Avoid clicking into deals every time and see properties, tasks and follow-up plans right on the card.
  • Column values: See the number of deals and total potential value at the top of each column to understand at a glance where you should put your focus.
  • Property previews: Add images to deal board cards for a more visual approach to managing properties.

We also improved the overall feel of the boards, because aesthetics, performance and user experience matter!

🚀 That’s a Wrap – See You in July!

As always, we appreciate being part of the Pebble community!

We’re committed to continuously improving to meet your evolving needs in the land investing industry. Let us know what we can do better or what we can add to help you succeed.

Stay informed, stay connected and let’s keep growing together!


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Cheers to a productive month ahead!

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