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10 Jul 2023

July 2023 Feature Updates – What’s New in Pebble

Welcome to the July edition of our feature update.

Side note, can’t believe it’s July already, where has the year gone!?

Nonetheless, this month we have four in-platform updates and a bit of news and notes to share as well, so let’s dig right in.

Notifications Panel

In a nutshell, this is a place for you to see all of your Pebble notifications in one spot.

When you open Pebble and look over to the top of the sidebar, just beneath our logo, you’ll find a new button called “Notifications”.

Clicking that will slide out a panel that shows all your notifications. Whether it’s a deal you’ve been assigned or a comment from a team member, you’ll see it here. You can mark them as read or archive them as needed.

Plus, we’ve improved email notifications as well to help decrease inbox clutter. Going forward, all your notifications will come in a single email rather than a separate one for every item.

Assign Tasks to Individual Users

A simple but meaningful update for your workflow is the ability to assign tasks to other team members.

This one is as straightforward as it gets; when you open your task list, you’ll now be able to click the little avatar icon and be able to designate that task to another user.

Managing tasks just got easier.

Task Management Dashboard

Speaking of task management, we’ve created a brand new area inside Pebble: the Task Management Dashboard.

It’s an overview of all the tasks, across all the deals you have in Pebble.

You can find it by clicking “Dashboard” in the side menu and at the top left of the screen you’ll see a tab labeled “Tasks” next to the “Statistics” tab.

Once in the Task Dashboard, you can quickly see where everything stands by filtering tasks as follows:

  • To do/Done
  • Due today/Due this week
  • By team member

Filter down to your tasks for this week, for example, and you can see exactly what you need to get done (and then check off the task once you’ve completed it).

This is a super easy way to plan your days and weeks.

And if you’re someone who loves working from a to-do list, this will be a game changer.

KPI and Metrics Display

This is technically a forthcoming update but we wanted to update you on the progress.

We’ve been interviewing many of you to get deep dives into what you’re already tracking and exactly what you want to see in a revamped Metrics Dashboard.

No sense in making an update that doesn’t deliver what you’re looking for after all!

The big ticket items that we’ve heard repeatedly are:

  • How many conversations you’re having
  • How quickly leads are being communicated with
  • Tracking your spend per campaign
  • How much is a lead or deal costing
  • What’s the overall marketing spend for each closed deal

We actually already tracked all of this in Pebble, so it’s now about displaying the data you want in an easy-to-digest way.

Look out for those changes in the coming weeks and months.

News and Notes: Redesign & New USPS Rates

Pebble is getting a makeover so expect to see a bit of a refresh and redesign here soon.

In other news, USPS announced they’re raising their rates for postage as of July 9th. It doesn’t matter who you do your mailers with, this of course affects everyone.

You can find the new rates in our Knowledge Base as well as on our Printing & Mailing page.

See You Next Month

That’s all for July, look out for our next update here and on YouTube in August, you can follow us on Instagram to stay up to date.

Happy investing!

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