Podcast Episode #77

12 Jan 2023

Is AI The Future of Deal-Finding?

Artificial intelligence has hit the mainstream, making big promises to revolutionize everything it touches. Does it mean anything for land investing though?

Can AI really be part of your land investing workflow in the (near) future?

2 of the biggest hurdles for investors are often the time it takes to scrub data and the cost of sending mailers. Fred and Shawm over at ReWorked REI believe their AI tool, powered by machine learning, can solve those issues for land investors like you – and generate more deals in the process.

Is it too good to be true or are those promises the real deal?

In this episode listen and learn:

  • What the heck machine learning is (For an even deeper dive, check out this video)
  • How AI-vetted data saves time & money
  • What to do with data after ReWorked REI processes it


Reworked REI
@reworkedrei  (Instagram & Facebook)
Travis King – Land Investing Mastery

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