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20 Jun 2023

Best Practices: Integrating Mass Texting Into Your Pebble Workflow With Launch Control

Last Updated: June 20th, 2023

Mass texting is a great complement to the tried and true direct mail approach; a quick and cost-effective way to reach a massive audience and connect with potential leads.

But it’s also another platform to manage, something that competes for attention and ultimately creates multiple sources of truth.

Services like LaunchControl, SlickText and ClickSend are CRMs and marketing tools in their own right which means fragmented communication and having to rely on yet another platform.

To help you keep your head on straight, we’ve put together some pro tips that make integrating mass texting into your workflow easier.

Qualify Leads ASAP and Move to Pebble

We’re not just tooting our own horn here, getting your leads out of your text service’s CRM and into Pebble ASAP makes a difference and the reasons compound as we go through these best practices.

The alternative?

Picture this: working with multiple CRMs, juggling data, struggling to keep up with communication and losing deals.

The solution?

Pro Tip: Qualify your leads fast; if they’ve responded or shown interest, forward them to your Pebble Seller Inbox via Zapier.

Centralize Data and
Communication in One Place

Having your leads, data and conversations scattered in different places is a recipe for chaos and a nightmare for efficiency and response times.

Not to mention it makes tracking those leads a pain.

Moving leads into one central hub resolves that…and does so much more.

Now that you’re not jumping between platforms you can get your team on the same page, build processes and assign tasks more easily. You’ll also have the ability to reference property data and historical information and have a clear visualization of where leads are in your pipeline.

Pro Tip: Simplify your operation by moving leads and conversations into one CRM.

Derisk your Phone Number and
Transition to a Line You Own

The thing about many of these texting services is that the phone number they provide to you isn’t yours and you can’t port it to another service.

Why is that an issue?

If the service you’ve been relying on suddenly shuts down, all of your valuable conversations, connections and hot leads vanish into thin air with it.

And that’s not necessarily a small risk.

Mass texting exists in sort of a regulatory grey area and there are plenty of ways for the phone number you were provided to go kaput, like:

  • A carrier blocking the phone number with their spam filters
  • The service provider being banned because of violating terms of service
  • You being banned as a user for a violation – even if unintentional

The idea here isn’t to scare you out of mass texting, it’s to highlight the importance of owning your number.

With Pebble, the number you get when you set up your phone account is yours. If Pebble happens to not exist one day (we plan to live forever!), you can take your phone number with you to another service like Open Phone, no problem.

Pro Tip: Safeguard your leads by using a number you fully control.

You may be thinking, wait a second, how am I supposed to explain the abrupt change in phone numbers to a lead? Won’t that make them suspicious?

If you do it the wrong way, yes.

On the flipside, you can use the opportunity to create a deeper connection with them and build more trust.

Pro Tip: Here’s how you can use the number change to your benefit:

“Hi John, this is my personal number, the number we initially connected on was my company line which my entire team has access to. I’d love to continue our conversation here with my number”.

In a couple of sentences, you’ve established credibility, shown the lead respect and created trust by giving them your personal number.

Open All Lines of Communication

Mass texting is fantastic, but why stop there? The beauty of Pebble is that it gives you the power to communicate through various channels – texts, emails and even phone calls.

By embracing different communication methods, you can cater to your leads’ preferences, increase the effectiveness of your comms and move towards a close faster.

Whether they prefer texting, emailing or having a good old-fashioned phone conversation, Pebble has you covered.

Pro Tip: Don’t rely solely on texting, give yourself access to email and phone touchpoints too so you can meet your leads where they’re most comfortable.

Make the Most of Mass Texting

The moral of the story is to make sure you stay in control of your tools, otherwise, it’ll feel like they control you and your time.

Mass texting can unlock a flood of new leads – and also a torrent of annoyances. Implementing these best practices will help you avoid all of that and get the most out of the method.

If you’re still feeling uneasy about how to incorporate texting in your Pebble workflow, book a free demo and we’ll show you how step-by-step.

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