Podcast Episode #113

20 Jun 2024

Corporate CEO to Land Investor: $115k on His First Flip

1 to 2 hours of sleep a night, 100 hours a week at work and barely any time to see his wife.

That was the life of a young healthcare exec – and while he was making a multiple six-figure salary, life itself was soul-crushing.

Mason McDonald found his way out in the form of land investing, netting an absurd $115k on his first deal.

In this episode, he takes us through the transition from corporate America to successful land investor with an emphasis on simply taking action.

As he puts it, “If you have an idea, take action and then iterate from the action…you’re never going to have perfection in this business and you don’t need to because your competition is probably worse than you are”

With a new career in land, he and his wife could take a 3-week vacation to Japan where he didn’t have to work at all. Not bad!


  • Learn how Mason builds his most successful mailers
  • Understand the power of consistent follow-up with a marketing breakdown of a 40-50 touch deal that took over a year to close
  • Get delegating tips from a former healthcare CEO who was a pro at it


Podcast: The Big Picture Blueprint
LinkedIn: Mason McDonald
Ground Up Land Partners
Book: The Leadership Challenge

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