Podcast Episode #112

06 Jun 2024

90+ Deals in 2 years…With No Prior Experience?!

How does someone go from no background in land to averaging 40 deals a year?

Tenacity, taking action and a strong support network.

Before March 2022, Chris Johnsen made his living as an electrician, building a great business over 15 years.

He’d been eyeing the vacant lot next to him; he wanted to buy it…but didn’t know how.

So he popped online, got on the assessor’s website and figured it out.

A couple weeks after purchase, he sold it for double.

Holy cow, Chris was onto something!

And so began his journey, working in every part of the land business on the next deals – getting vital experience pounding the pavement for sellers and building a network of developers and buyers – and by deal 10 he wound down his electrician business.

Now, it’s all about hiring and removing himself from day-to-day tasks so he can focus on growth.

Tune in to learn how he’s going about it.


  • Why Chris’s land business changes every 3-6 months
  • The importance of doing things manually when you first start
  • How he improved his cold-calling response rate with simple tweaks


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