Podcast Episode #111

23 May 2024

Is This the Way To Build a Life-Changing Business?

What’s your sweet spot in land?

Marketing? Talking to sellers?

Chris and his team found their niche in equity funding and dispo – getting into the nitty gritty of the transactional side of land investing – and doubling down on it; helping land investors grow their business by moving to larger and larger deals.

Whether you’ve been in land for years or just a few months, you quickly learn that your money is made on the buy side so your due diligence and underwriting need to be top-notch.

That’s where Chris and his company, Serious Land Capital, shine, having done thousands of deals over the years to hone their craft, they now have 7-figure deals sent their way weekly.

In this episode, he breaks down the equity funding business he and his partners have built and their process for choosing what to fund.


  • The go-to tools Chris uses for diligence
  • Why 90-95% of the deals they’re brought are a *no*
  • Why investors seek equity funding and their process for assessing each deal


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