Podcast Episode #110

09 May 2024

Meet the 16-YEAR-OLD Land Flipper

What were you doing when you were 16 years old?

Closing 6-figure land deals?

Yea, neither were we!

Cruise Lickerman is breaking the land investing mold though, entering the industry before he can even start an LLC on his own. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Cruise caught the bug early collaborating with his mom – also a real estate and land investor – on his first flip.

Wanting to truly learn the ins and outs of the business rather than be told exactly what to do, he’s since gone out on his own to chart his course (with his family’s support).

He takes us through the awkwardness of that initial deal to now optimizing his mailers with A/B testing and his plans to scale – while balancing schoolwork. Inspiring to say the least!

Whether you’re a parent of a teen or just interested in getting started with land, there are takeaways for everyone in this episode.


  • How supportive parenting creates bigtime confidence
  • The importance of A/B testing to increase response rates
  • How to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in your kids and yourself

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