Podcast Episode #109

25 Apr 2024

Wholesaling + Owner Financing + ? = Long-term Success

There’s no such thing as purely passive income in land investing…but owner financing can get you dang close, which Peter Nukasani is all about.

The cherry on top?

Buying and selling land on terms requires far less money down than creating income via traditional options like dividends (and is much safer than staking crypto!).

That’s not all he’s up to though.

A strong wholesaling business and a focus on marketing that’s gotten him over 75,000 followers on TikTok – a once untapped space for land before Peter doubled down on it – has created ever-increasing MRR.

The real secret to his success?

A community.

Talking to people who really get it, celebrating wins and working through losses together is immeasurable. The difference between quitting and sticking to it.

Creating close connections with folks like Drew Haney, Ajay Sharma and Jaren Barens has enriched Peter’s life and business.


  • How to create recurring, monthly revenue with owner financing
  • The ins and outs of Peter’s wholesaling business
  • Why a community is a key to growth
  • BONUS: Promo code for Peter and Drew’s Supercars and Land Investing event in Colorado on June 28th and 29th!

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